Welcome to Presidium Cars

Our Personalised London Chauffeur Service

Presidium Cars specialise in London Chauffeur services for the transport requirements of high value clients, their safety and comfort is our priority. We offer a highly personalised service, from initial contact and booking until final departure to their next destination. A senior member of the Company will be available at all times to give advice and assist with any issues arising during your visit.

VIP & Corporate Clients

Our international client base includes two European Royal Families, a Far East Royal Family, a European Head of State, five European embassies and other foreign dignitaries. We also provide London Chauffeur services for the senior management of a FTSE 250 listed company, a number of US based investment companies and high profile figures from emerging markets.

Rates (PPH)

Our prices are intentionally designed to be simple and transparent, they are based on hourly all inclusive rates.

Our minimum period of hire, with the exception of airport journeys is four hours and the end of hiring is rounded up to the nearest half hour.

Chauffeur Hire

Being specialists in the chauffeur industry we are able to focus, unlike most other domestic recruitment agencies, solely on chauffeur recruitment. Our client base is very diverse and this helps us to understand that differing cultural needs, require that the client and potential recruit understand exactly what is expected from each other. It is also extremely important that the client fully understands the legal limitations under which the potential recruit must operate to comply with the laws of the UK.

Before any potential recruit would be made available for interview, it would be helpful if the clients could make themselves available to understand their exact requirements. Whilst it is easy to supply chauffeurs of differing skills levels, it is equally important to ensure that the potential recruits are either business or family orientated or in some instances both.