About Presidium

Brian McDowell

Brian McDowell served in the Metropolitan Police Service for thirty-two years; the majority of his service was spent on surveillance duties in Special Branch based at New Scotland Yard. He also performed duties as a Personal Protection Officer (PPO), responsible for the safety of high profile political figures visiting London. An advanced police driver, trained in defensive driving techniques, he has been driving in London for over forty years.

John Holmes

John Holmes served in the British Army for fifteen years, having joined on leaving school. He served in various theatres of operations around the world. John is trained in advanced driving techniques and has a background of working with overseas Royalty and UK government security personnel. He currently holds Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Gold) and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Our Drivers

Our chauffeurs are all London based with an excellent working knowledge of London and the extensive facilities this cosmopolitan city offers. Many of our drivers are from either a Police or Military background and are trained in defensive driving skills. They are also familiar with the current working practices of UK based personal protection officers (PPOs).

To ensure effective communication all our drivers first language is English.

Our Vehicles

We currently provide a fleet of BMW and Mercedes vehicles, fitted to the highest specifications, but can source other makes of vehicles at the client’s request. In keeping with the Company policy that, “The greatest form of security is anonymity”, none of our vehicles have personalised vehicle registration plates or any other distinguishing features.

Contact Us

Simply fill out our booking form on the bookings page with your details and services required. Alternatively you can contact us direct:

Tel: 0208 622 2949
Email: [email protected]